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Básico Familia

For those who want private medical assistance at a reduced cost, without having to complete a medical questionnaire.

2 months free with dental

Features of Adeslas Básico

  • Health insurance covering basic medical care needs, allowing access to primary care, specialists and diagnostic testing.
  • Contract age: 0-70 years. Persons over 70 years of age may be included if the policy contains three other insured members under 60 years of age.
  • Strengths:
    • Adeslas básico has a reduced fee, from 14.50€/month.
    • There are no health questionnaires.
    • Copayments from 6€: nursing 4€, podiatry, 5€, rehabilitation and physiotherapy 6€, general medicine 9€, specialists 16€. The maximum charges are 260€ per insured person within the age range of 0 to 54 years.
  • Waiting periods: 3 months in high high-tech tests. The waiting periods will be completely eliminated when the insured justifies he/she comes from another company, with a similar coverage policy, with a receipt of the last month and the copy of the health card.


  • General medicine and pediatrics.
  • Prenatal tests and preparation for birth.
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • Podiatry.
  • Psychotherapy, 40 sessions for eating disorders or 20 sessions for the rest of treatments.
  • Specialties: gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, traumatology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, cardiology, oncology, etc.
  • Diagnostics, including those of high technology: clinical analysis, all types of radiographic studies, mammography, genetic tests whose purpose is the diagnosis of a disease, etc.


Number of insured 0-54 years 55-70 years
1 14,50€/month 33,00€/month
2 25,00€/month 57,00€/month
3 to 6 36,00€/month 82,00€/month

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