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Plena Extra 150

For those who care about their health and that of their family and want to have access at all times to all professionals and private health centers without copayments and with refund of 80% up to 150,000€.

3 months free with dental

10% discount starting with 4 insured members

Features of Adeslas Plena Extra 150

  • Health insurance with a broad coverage in primary care, specialties and diagnostic testing as well as emergency care and hospitalizations.
  • Contract requirements: para asegurados de hasta 64 años. Adicionalmente con tres asegurados en póliza de menos de 60 años, se puede incluir un asegurado de más de 64 años. Al tratarse de un seguro con cobertura completa hospitalaria, requiere la aceptación de Adeslas tras cumplimentar un sencillo cuestionario médico.
  • Strengths:
    • No copayments for assistance within the broader Adeslas medical coverage and with coverage of refund of 80% for each bill up to 150,000€ per insured person and year inside and outside of Spain.
  • Waiting periods: 10 months for hospitalization and surgical interventions, and 3 months for high-tech tests. The waiting periods will be completely eliminated when the insured justifies he/she comes from another company, with a similar coverage policy, with a receipt of the last month and a copy of the health card.


  • General medicine and pediatrics.
  • Specialties: psychology, gynecology, ophthalmology, pneumology, dermatology, traumatology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, oncology, cardiology, etc.
  • Diagnostics: including high-tech equipment, clinical analysis, as well as all types of radiographs, resonances, PET-CT, mammography, and genetic tests whose purpose is the diagnosis of a disease.
  • Hospitalization (with or without surgical intervention). Always in a single room with a bed for a companion.
  • Emergencies.
  • Childbirth and everything related to it: pregnancy monitoring and prenatal tests: laboratory tests, ultrasound, amniocentesis, etc.
  • Special treatments: psychotherapy (up to 20 sessions a year), eating disorders, chemotherapy, dialysis, oxygen therapy in the outpatient center and at home.


Age Price per insured
0 - 54 years 79,00€/month
55 - 59 years 114,00€/month
60 - 64 years 138,00€/month

Copayments Adeslas Plena Extra 150

Adeslas Plena Extra 150 does not have copayments and with a refund of 80% up to 150,000€ outside the Adeslas medical coverage.

Information request of Adeslas Plena Extra 150

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