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Plena Vital

For those who enjoy good health, but want to ensure their wellness at a reduced cost.

3 months free with dental

10% discount starting with 4 insured members

Features of Adeslas Plena Vital

  • A Health Insurance that includes a broad coverage in primary care, specialties and diagnostic testing as well as emergency care and hospitalizations.
  • Contract requirements: for insured members up to 70 years. A person over 70 years old may qualify for insurance, if the policy has three additional insured younger than 60 years. It´s required the acceptance of Adeslas after completing a simple medical questionnaire to be an insurance with complete hospital coverage.
  • Strengths:
    • It allows access, on a national scale, to the widest selection of medical specialists and the best hospitals in Spain.
    • Complete health coverage in surgical interventions.
    • Product with a reduced fee and an annual limit of copayments of 300€.
  • Waiting periods: 10 months for hospitalization and surgical interventions, and 3 months for high-tech tests. The waiting periods will be completely eliminated when the insured justifies he/she comes from another company, with a similar coverage policy, with a receipt of the last month and a copy of the health card.


  • General medicine and pediatrics.
  • Specialties: psychology, gynecology, ophthalmology, pneumology, dermatology, traumatology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, oncology, cardiology, etc.
  • Diagnostics: including high-tech equipment, clinical analysis, as well as all types of radiographs, resonances, PET-CT, mammography, and genetic tests whose purpose is the diagnosis of a disease.
  • Hospitalization (with or without surgical intervention). Always in a single room with a bed for a companion.
  • Emergencies.
  • Childbirth and everything related to it: pregnancy monitoring and prenatal tests: laboratory tests, ultrasound, amniocentesis, etc.
  • Special treatments: psychotherapy (up to 20 sessions a year), eating disorders, chemotherapy, dialysis, oxygen therapy in the outpatient center and at home.


Age Price per insured
0 - 44 years 35,00€/month
45 - 54 years 40,00€/month
55 - 59 years 70,00€/month
60 - 64 years 85,00€/month
65 - 70 years 125,00€/month

Copayments Adeslas Plena Vital

  • Nurse / Nursing: 2,00€
  • Oxygen Therapy / Ventilation therapy (per day): 2,00€
  • Podiatry: 3,00€
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy: 5,00€
  • General medicine: 7,00€
  • Pediatrics / Childcare: 8,00€
  • Diagnostic tests: 11,50€
  • Specialists: 14,50€
  • Emergency: 14,50€
  • Home consultation (General medicine / pediatrics): 14,50€
  • Psychotherapy: 14,50€
  • High-tech tests: 45,00€
  • Other tests and medical acts not contemplated in the previous sections: 11,50€

Annual copayment limit: Adeslas Plena Vital has a limit of copayments of 300€ per insured person per year. If an insured reaches this amount, they will no longer pay more copayments during the rest of the year for any service.

Medical services in hospitalization: all surgical interventions and healthcare requiring hospitalization are exempt from paying any copayments for medical act.

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